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As Small Business Consultants,
We, at Legacy Associates, Work With...

Business owners who run companies that employ fewer than 100 employees and do not have the support of a professionally trained management team nor the staff of employees to take on peripheral projects.

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We, at Legacy Associates, work with  business owners and executives of small businesses, as well as, with individuals who are just starting their entrepreneurial journey.

These business owners and executives, our clients, are responsible not only for bottom-line performance, but also for confronting the numerous challenges of growing their companies.

The challenges that Legacy clients face are as varied as the businesses they own and manage, and as diverse as the industries that they serve. 
Regardless of the particular stage of the business life cycle that the Legacy client may find himself in --- be it start up, growth, mature, decline, or an exit target date ---the continual challenges of providing an adequate return on capital invested, growing revenues, and building value in their respective businesses remain top priorities.

Are these some of the troublesome challenges you are facing?
  • Your sales are fluctuating and your profits are shrinking.
  • Your lack of capital is affecting your ability to expand!
  • You’re struggling with the fact that you may not have the right people in place to grow the business.    
  • You’re concerned that you may not have effectively communicated your business plan to your stakeholders.
  • You’re frustrated by your inability to pay your suppliers on a timely basis! 
  •  You’re confused by the fact that  your strategies are not producing your desired results!

The Legacy Clients who experience the greatest successes share common traits:
  • A true passion for their business journey to success.
  • The realization that their challenges can not be solved in isolation.
  • An ability to change their own behavior while encouraging others to do the same when necessary.
  • An openness and willingness to accept the professional advise of others.
  • A commitment to the relationship between the client and their Legacy Advisor, with the knowledge that it will be an investment in time and patience.

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