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The Training and Development Group of Legacy Associates -- Training for -- provides e-Learning and e-Training programs specifically for entrepreneurs of small-to-medium size businesses.

Training for Entrepreneurs e-Learning is organized to provide the greatest flexibility possible.  The Suite of e-Courses is self-paced, self-directed, practical, and cost-effective. Here's how the Training for e-Learning/Training experience benefits you:

  • Our e-Learning experience is CONVENIENT. . . You are able to access and complete any e-Course (24/7) according to your own schedule, or when it is convenient for you.
  • Our e-Learning experience is VALUABLE. . . You learn tactics, techniques, and strategies that help you solve real-world, problematic, entrepreneurial scenarios. These tactics, techniques, and strategies are based on best business practices that have been developed by seasoned entrepreneurs and business leaders alike.
  • Our e-Learning experience is EFFECTIVE. . . You learn to make better decisions for your business since our e-Courses are performance-based and our interactive exercises empower you to implement the newly-acquired tactics, techniques, and strategies into everyday practice.
  • Our e-Learning experience IMPACTS the bottom line. . . As you incrementally progress from one e-Course to another, you learn specific tactics, techniques, and strategies that enable you to impact your bottom line more positively and to build long-term business value.
  • Our e-Learning Courses are AFFORDABLE . . Since all of our e-Courses are web-based, you eliminate expensive tuition costs of traditional out-of-town workshops and seminars that force you to incur additional costs associated with transportation, dining, and lodging---not to mention the valuable time that you would be away from home and business!
  • Our e-Learning experience RECOGNIZES individual achievement. . . You receive formal dated verification that you have successfully completed a specific TFE e-Course!
Whether you are a rookie entrepreneur, or a seasoned expert, Training for Entrepreneurs e-Learning provides an e-learning and e-training approach that is most effective in helping you to improve your business knowledge while you further hone your business skill set.  With our e-Learning Programs, you get expert training and guidance …

  • If you are a beginner, you may require more time to study a particular topic more closely. Don't worry… our self-paced e-Learning approach lets you learn the subject at your own pace without the risk of missing valuable information.

  • Or, if you are a more experienced entrepreneur, you may feel the need to be more challenged with certain subject matter. Don't be concerned, our interactive e-Learning approach further enhances your learning experience with a combination of hands-on activities and interactive assessment exercises at conclusion of each e-Lesson study module.
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