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Starting a New Business...  We will help you
take the guesswork out of the process! 
Online Classes begin June 12th.

If you are truly serious about starting your own business,
then this is a MUST ATTEND

Business Start Up Assistance Program!

What is Start-Smart Mentoring?

10- week, online Group Mentoring Program about company creation, business launch, and business growth strategy!  It’s a virtual, online classroom environment where aspiring entrepreneurs and start up enthusiasts come together one evening a week to learn how to successfully turn their entrepreneurial dreams into viable business realities…   

Why enroll in the Start-Smart Mentoring Program?

Learn the how-to-details -- the methodology  used to build a successful, profitable, scalable start up! 

Experience:  Receive the personal guidance of a professional business mentor with real-world experience in company creation, business launch, business growth strategy, and exit/succession planning!  

Power:  Realize the synergy derived from being part of a small group of like-minded individuals who are band together for a sole purpose! 

Confidence:  Eliminate any doubts that you have about your lack of ability to start and grow your own successful business!

Cost:  Pay a fraction of the cost of traditional offline business classes, self-study courses, and over-priced online coaching programs!

Learn how the Start-Smart Business Mentoring Program can turn your entrepreneurial dreams into your own viable business reality!

to learn more about the Start-Smart Business Mentoring Program...

First team mentoring sessions begin June 12th, June 13th, and June 14th