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The Legacy Business Assessment Profile

The Legacy Business Assessment Profile is the essential first step in helping you, the business owner, assess your opportunities and deal effectively with issues that confront you and your company’s growth.Legacy Pricing Icon

The Legacy Business Assessment Profile (BAP) is a diagnostic checkup and professional third party assessment of your business. 
The purpose of the Legacy BAP is to provide you, the business owner, with a scorecard on the 10 vital drivers of your business from three separate perspectives.  These 10 vital drivers of your business are interrelated and run the gamut from Finance, to Marketing, Sales, Operations, and People.  The Legacy BAP perspectives of past, present, and future provide a viable yardstick with which to measure your company’s results, challenges, and opportunities.

The results of the findings of the BAP identify the areas of your business that need additional attention in order for it to achieve its greatest growth potential.  In addition,these findings become the foundation for your Strategic Action Plan.  It is your Strategic Action Plan that helps you prioritize and focus on high impact areas that offer the greatest return for your efforts. 

The first step in the Legacy BAP process concentrates on the analysis of your company’s past performance results.  This first phase of the Legacy BAP requires you to submit your company's Balance Sheets and Profit/Loss Statements for not only the current year, but also for the 2 prior years.  This information provides the necessary data for your Legacy Advisor to benchmark your company’s financial performance.

The second step in the Legacy BAP process focuses on the issues and challenges  that your company is presently facing, the current-view perspective.  This second phase of the Legacy BAP requires you, the business owner, to complete and submit the Business Questionnaire.  This Questionnaire provides important background information necessary for your Legacy Advisor to gain a greater understanding and a far keener insight into the inner workings of your business.

The third step of the Legacy BAP process focuses on the desired results that you envision for your company, the forward-view perspective.  This third phase of the Legacy BAP involves a telephone conference between you and your Legacy Advisor.  Not only does this telephone session afford you the opportunity to discuss the challenges that you are currently facing in your business, but it also gives you an opportunity to discuss your hopes, dreams, and goals for your business. 

The fourth step of the Legacy BAP process consolidates the findings of this assessment into your Business Scorecard.  This Business Scorecard presents you with a broad and insightful overview of your entire business!  The results of your Business Scorecard, along with your personal involvement in this process, will greatly clarify the direction that you envision for your business.
The fifth step, and perhaps the most important step of the Legacy BAP process , is when your Legacy Advisor reviews with you the significance of this valuable information for you and your business.  This discussion brings to light the importance of the balance between strategic and tactical goals and the balance between the core functions of Finance, Marketing, Sales, Operations, and People.  The Legacy BAP assesses where your company has been, highlights areas of the business that need greater attention, and provides the foundation for developing solid strategies.  These strategies effectively bridge the gaps between your company’s current position and the desired future positions.

Within the Business Assessment Profile, we will analyze the following  areas of your business:
  • Company Profile
  • Personnel
  • Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Operations
  • Technology
  • Cost Trends
  • Financial Management
  • Basic Business Valuation
With the Business Assessment Profile, you will receive actionable recommendations and helpful insights to your business.  You will see how you can improve efficiency to key areas of your company.  We will give you specific answers that you can put to use to improve your business...

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