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The Legacy an programs and services are designed for
all types of small businesses that employ less than 100 people.  We leverage our affiliation bola tangkas with an international network of senior business executives to assist with tangkasnet client engagements and initiatives with: Internet Bola Tangkas

  • Bola Tangkas - business valuations, competitive & operational benchmarking, organizational analysis & design, overhead analysis & cost reduction.

  • Tangkasnet Android - exit strategy, feasibility studies, formal business plans, operation budgeting & forecasting, strategic planning, and succession planning.

  • Tangkasnet - acquisitions, business growth & expansion, cash flow management, funding, import & export opportunities, profitability, and sales & marketing.

  • Tangkasnet Online - executive training & development, management & leadership, productivity & performance, and sales training & development.
  • Bola Tangkas Online -  Training for provides business skills training, e-learning, and mentoring courses/programs in entrepreneurship, management, strategic planning, leadership and practical instruction for starting and growing small businesses.

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